Deepen Your Connection with Spirit

Courses & Practice Days

At this time of Covid-19 all courses and one to one sessions are online. 

To simplify things, all are on my sister website - click below for more details: 

You can learn to connect and deepen your connection with your Spirit helpers with Wild Bear Shamanism.


Below are pre-Covid-19 offerings. There will be more to come beyond this time.  

Meanwhile I send you many blessings at this time of great change.


Courses come in different flavours to suit experiences and desires. Groups are small, from 2 to 12 people so you get the attention and focus you need to grow.  Some are in nature based venues.  Others are indoors either in person or *NEW* over the internet.  

If you're a 'beginner', or your connection to spirit is not always clear then courses like 'Introduction to Shamanism' (in person) and 'A Taste of Spirit' (internet) are for you.  These are modular and cover a different content, so both can be done to suit your availability or budget.

To deepen your practice and connection then advanced courses and shamanic practice days are for you.


Practice days are generally for those who've trained with me (*the Wild Bear Tribe) as they are short and help to build a supportive community for you. If you've not trained with me please email before booking so we can discuss whether the course or practice day will suit your current practice, so you get the most from it.  You may also wish to assist on courses you've already taken to deepen your experience - guidance is provided for getting the most out of these with the help of your spirit guides.


The technical technique bit: our approach is 'core shamanism' based which makes connecting with spirit culturally and practically accessible in a safe and simple framework.  You develop YOUR practice in YOUR way with the help of YOUR spirits.  There will be 'journeying' where the shaman traditionally meets his or her spirit helpers, with the sound of drum, rattle or even song.

Upcoming events

Open to all - always more to follow so watch this space!

Introduction to Shamanism

A weekend introduction to the basics of shamanism in a wonderful natural setting.

2-3 May, Avening, Gloucestershire GL8 8NE. 

Meet Your Power Animal - Shamanic Taster Day

A one day dip-your-toe chance to experience the shamanic journey and ways to connect with your spirit helpers.

Saturday 4 April, Swindon

Open to the Wild Bear tribe

(those already trained with Wild Bear Shamanism)

Shamanic Practice Day


Come along and deepen your practice of shamanism. An opportunity to practice journeying, ceremony, sharing in council, receiving help and healing and meet others on a similar path. 

Sunday 22 March 12pm to 6pm outside, timings, event outdoors. More details to follow

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