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Sessions for individuals, or bespoke group teaching for friends, professionals, colleagues or partners can be arranged to suit your needs. These can cover healing, soul retrievals, learning the techniques of shamanism for yourself, how to work with shamanic journeying to empower your life (shamanic counselling) or even work with businesses and buildings.

All shamanic work is undertaken in connection with the spirits. Joanna is fully committed to spirit-led work, to ask her spirit helpers how best to help each person or group.  For this reason Joanna usually undertakes a preparation journey to find out more about what is required to help you at the time, and this is often the basis of the first session - either in person or over distance.  This is such an important step as it is not us humans who do the work, but our spirit helpers.  Our role is to listen, to listen deeply with our entire beings, and to do our best to allow the power of the spirits and of the Universe to flow through to where the healing, help or wisdom is needed. 


The spirits will often say whether healing work, soul retrieval or teaching is the most needed right now for each individual or group.  Also many people have an idea of what sort of work they want to do and ask for specific work to be done.  Below is some information about the sort of work available.  However, any combination or type of work can be possible depending on the spirits and their guidance.  It is best to be open to whatever gifts they bring

Shamanic Healing

One to one healing work is usually undertaken in 1 to 3 sessions depending on the requirement.  The first part of the work is a diagnostic journey to find out what healing is required and any preparation that needs to be done. This is undertaken by Joanna but shamanically experienced clients may also do preparation journey work in a special session.

Working with specialist healing spirit helpers, Joanna uses the tools given to her by the spirits such as rattle, drum, feather, song, staff and shaman's mirror.  The healing is usually to remove inappropriate energy, or to replace lost energy.

Clients generally lie down, on blankets and/or furs so they can relax comfortably while the healing takes place.

Sometimes a follow up session is also required to integrate and move forward after the healing - this ensures the client does not get 'stuck' in the healing process but moves forward with their lives now more empowered and more in balance.

Shamanic counselling

This is the core shamanic method of teaching people to journey, or to journey more deeply, and to better understand the truth of their experience.  For Joanna, this involves listening deeply from the heart to what the client needs, so that the journey work is a power-full as possible for each person.  This is far more than just the method!

Key to this work, as with all shamanic work, is being clear on the intention of the journey.  The choice of 'mission' will help to decide if the journey is just 'good', 'not so good' or 'GREAT' !  Time will be spent being present with the client to help them to identify what help, healing or advice is needed in their everyday lives.  The client then journeys 'out loud' (not so hard if you've not done it before!) with Joanna acting as witness, deep listening without judgement so that the client can work to understand the experience in depth.

This is both a learning experience and a healing experience.  Even very experienced shamanic practitioners use shamanic counselling with another practitioner when facing a challenging issue where formulating the journey might be hard, to ensure the teachings of the journey are deeply heard or to help ground and bring back the power to ordinary living so that ordinary lives can become that bit more extraordinary!


This work can also be undertaken regularly to help keep the client on a spirit-led path - a kind of spirit-led coaching system to create extraordinary lives.

Soul Retrievals

A soul retrieval is requested by the client because they have a strong sense that soul loss has happened, or by the spirits in response to someone asking for help.  In this work Joanna works with her specialist healing spirits to find the missing soul part in the spirit world and to bring it back to the client.

Soul retrieval is 3 sessions, sometimes with a preparation or diagnostic session first.

The sessions cover receiving the soul part, integrating the soul part, and moving forward with life after the soul has become more whole.  These sessions are all part of the beautiful process, and are required to fully integrate and move forward after the soul part is returned.

House clearing

Sometimes the spirit of a house or home welcomes work within the spirit world.  For this work, after a preparatory journey, Joanna works with the spirit of the house to find out what is needed. Sometimes energy needs to be cleared or worked with for harmony.

This can be beautiful work around a house move, or building project, or whenever things in house 'aren't quite right'. For example, one house kept having electrical failures until Joanna journeyed to ask her spirits for help.  She met a recently passed ancestor of the current owner who was trying to communicate her love - and the only way she could do this was by communicating on the same frequency as electricity!  After the journey this kind spirit was able to communicate her message to the owner and the electrics worked perfectly once more.

Business & Groups

Sometimes businesses benefit from shamanic work. From finding a power animal to support the business, developing a spirit-led business plan, to healing or asking for help over a difficult time, the spirits are here to help.

There is no set pattern for this work, but a diagnostic or preparation journey is usually a good place to start.

Sometimes the practice of council, using a talking piece, can be used to help groups to find heart and spirit-led solutions to difficulties or ways to move forward as a closer-knit team.

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